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Some might say this world today shows
God's left us to our mistakes oh
He has never been so far away
Some might say
How could any father stand
To see his children across so many lands
Suffer so and give no helping hand
No helping hand

And somewhere tonight
Far away and out of sight
There's a child that's too weak to cry
Look deep in those eyes
Can't you see him in disguise?
Reaching out to the heart that's in you and I

In every tear
That is where
He is there
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He's the hand that wipes that brow
He's the tear that trickles down
Upon the face that cries without a sound
'We need you now'
What a simple choice to make
Between what you give and what you take
When what you give
Such precious life precious life would save
Life would save

And somewhere inside
There's a part of you asks why
Would he leave so many so far behind
Look deep in those eyes
Can't you see him in dis…