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sTAnDIng in ThE EYES of the WORLD ^_^

in the eyes of the world~ lagu yang sering menjadi pilihanku.. sebabnya..^_^ banyak memberikan motivasi dan kesedaran pada diri ini.. agar.. terus usaha dan usaha.. walau  berbagai dugaan yang mendatang... lagu yang juga dapat.. mendidik diri  agar tidak mudah untuk berputus asa...

Looking back all the years, all the sacrifice
If you want to be the best you've got to pay the price
You learn it from the very start just how hard you must try
'Coz if you don't spread your wings then you can't fly
Look at where you are today
Did you ever think that you would come all this way ?

( chorus )
(And) now you're
"Standing In The Eyes Of The World"
Only moments away from what can be
There's a passion in the hearts of a few
ever waiting inside to be set free
When the time comes and your spirit
takes flight and you reach into
your soul and live it with all of your might
And there's no surprise that you're
(And everyone tries when you're)
"Standing In The Eyes Of The …